To avoid crowds and pick up free public transport pass we reccommend participants to come to the registration desk at Faculty of Architecture (FA), 1st floor,  on Tuesday 25 August. It will be open from 12:00 to 19:00.

The transport pass is valid from Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 and can be used on any type of public transportation.

Please note that it is possible to enter the Opening Ceremony without registration, however registration can be completed only at the Faculty. 

Registration and Information Desk Opening Hours: Tuesday 25/8 12:00-19:00, Wednesday - Friday  26/8 - 28/8 8:00-19:00


Online registration to attend the conference is now closed. The registration is possible only on-site.

All speakers/paper presenters must register for the conference by 1st June 2015.


Conference secretariat

GUARANT International
Na Pankráci 17
140 21 Prague 4
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 284 001 444
Fax: +420 284 001 448