RS4 - Sociology of Celebration

RS Coordinator:

Ismo Kantola, University of Turku, Turku, Finland



General call for papers:

Celebration is a universal feature of being a human being. How we celebrate and what we celebrate is variable. Celebration may take place within a group of people experiencing soft landing, in the wake of a revolution, funeral, solemn banquet, street party, religious revivalist assembly, (rock) festival, carnival, birthday party, or a rave party. Celebration may also actualize in recollecting shared memories or music. Social scientific papers exposing any aspect of celebration or methodological issues of its sociological study are welcome. Papers on grieving process and mourning are also welcomed.

General session:

An open discussion of the present state and the future of sociology of celebration. Chair Ismo Kantola, convener.

  • Specific session 1: Religious and solemn celebration

    Papers exposing aspects of religious or secular solemn celebration are welcome.


  • Specific session 2: Irreligious and secular celebration

    Welcomes papers exposing any aspects of celebration not strictly tied to a religious or ideological frame.


  • Specific session 3: Celebratory aspects of everyday life

    Papers exposing events, times, places, or aspects of everyday life where the festive or any form of the celebratory surges, or comes up, are welcome.


  • Specific session 4: Just having fun

    Papers and discussion of rituals and spontaneity in various forms of having fun are welcome.


  • Specific session 5: Grieving and celebration as comparable modes of community building

    The idea of this session is to look at grieving as potentially comparable with celebration concerning their capacity tocontribute to community integration (or disintegration). Papers dealing with the relation of dramatic events, grieving, mourning, to community are welcome.


  • Specific session 6: Interrelations of individuals and communities on the scenes and genres of celebration

    This session welcomes papers dealing with the scenes, genres, and rules rules of celebration.


Notes for authors

Authors are invited to submit their abstract either to the general session or any specific session. Please submit only to one session. After abstract evaluation, coordinators will have the chance to transferpapers between sessions where applicable.

Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. Each paper session will have the duration of 1.5 hours.Normally sessions will include 4 papers.

Abstracts must be submitted online to the submission platform, see below. Abstracts sent by emailcannot be accepted. The Research Stream coordinator will organize the peer-reviewing of the abstracts;the letter of notification will be sent by the conference software system in early April 2015.

Abstract submission deadline (extended): 15th February 2015

Abstract submission platform:

If you have further questions regarding the conference, please visit the conference website. For furtherinformation on the Research Stream, please contact the RS coordinator.