RS6 - Sociology of Morality

RS Coordinators:

Wojciech Sobolewski, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland



General call for papers:

Sociology of Morality Research Steam aims at tackling new phenomena of everyday life. We encourage scholars to present their studies concerning such topics as : morality, “good and evil”, charity, empathy,kindness etc..Sociological imagination allows us to find new ways of looking at social values and social life. In the globalized world social inequalities can be interpreted in many ways. Society creates and puts in motion polices which are considered as “good” or “useful”. We can look at social values, law and interaction from a perspective of moral behaviour. Who we talk to, who we speak to, how we behave is related withour perception of other people and their choices. As scholars we can look at moral behaviour or judgment through social theory and research. We are looking for cultural, historical and social analysis of moral issues of everyday life.In the time of cultural diversity we can see different points of view and social values colliding in everyday life. Social actors face moral dilemmas and have to make fast decisions. These decisions are based on tradition, religion and common sense. As sociologist we can take different theories and methods to describe this social change.

1.General session: Sociology of Morality – old new discipline of sociology

2. Empathy – the foundation of social solidarity

3. Charity – social phenomenon of helping each other

4. Kindness – cultural differences and human behaviour and other after the abstract submission process


Notes for authors

Authors are invited to submit their abstract either to the general session or any specific session. Please submit only to one session. After abstract evaluation, coordinators will have the chance to transfer papers between sessions where applicable.

Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. Each paper session will have the duration of 1.5 hours.Normally sessions will include 4 papers.

Abstracts must be submitted online to the submission platform, see below. Abstracts sent by email cannot be accepted. The Research Stream coordinator will organize the peer-reviewing of the abstracts;the letter of notification will be sent by the conference software system in early April 2015.

Abstract submission deadline (extended): 15th February 2015

Abstract submission platform:

If you have further questions regarding the conference, please visit the conference website. For further information on the Research Stream, please contact the RS coordinator.