RS5 - Sociology of Knowledge

RS Coordinators:

Michaela Pfadenhauer, University of Vienna, Austria


Hubert Knoblauch, Technical University of Berlin, Germany


Bernt Schnettler, University of Bayreuth, Germany



General call for papers:

In the last few decades, the Sociology of Knowledge has developed into a field of research that is both lively and flourishing. In contrast to its predecessors, the Sociology of Knowledge focuses not on theoretical thinking and high-levelled forms of knowledge. Rather it focuses on putting the typifications of everyday life in centre stage. Some of the important aspects the Sociology of Knowledge addresses include basic social theory, empirical research and sociological reasoning within contemporary society. It is particularly concerned with the ways in which various forms of knowledge contribute to the social and communicative construction of reality. For the Prague conference, we call for papers that specifically address topics, in the Sociology of Knowledge, that are to be the focus of the Conference (Social Inequality, Differentiation and Imagination).

In addition to these topics, the conference will also address the ways the Sociology of Knowledge provides a paradigm for Sociological Research both empirically and theoretically.

The main criterion for selecting papers, in addition to the coherence of the argument presented, is the elaboration of the paper to this specific perspective. Sessions planned

(1) Knowledge Society and Social Inequalities of Knowledge

(2) Differentiation and De-Differentiation of Knowledge

(3) Social Knowledge, Experience and Imagination

(4) Sociology of Knowledge: Theories, Paradigms and Approaches

(5) Empirical Research in the Sociology of Knowledge

(6) The Relationship between Science and Religion from a Sociology of Knowledge Perspective


Notes for authors

Authors are invited to submit their abstract either to the general session or any specific session. Please submit only to one session. After abstract evaluation, coordinators will have the chance to transferpapers between sessions where applicable.

Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. Each paper session will have the duration of 1.5 hours.Normally sessions will include 4 papers.

Abstracts must be submitted online to the submission platform, see below. Abstracts sent by emailcannot be accepted. The Research Stream coordinator will organize the peer-reviewing of the abstracts;the letter of notification will be sent by the conference software system in early April 2015.

Abstract submission deadline (extended): 15th February 2015

Abstract submission platform:

If you have further questions regarding the conference, please visit the conference website. For furtherinformation on the Research Stream, please contact the RS coordinator.